What is this?

This is a tool for insert custom objects into SMW ROM.

Supported system

  • Windows (Windows2000 - Windows8.1)
  • Linux

I don't have Mac, so I can't support it.







LGPL v3 ©Alcaro


  • Light
    This program written in C. So program size is small.
  • LoRom / ExLoRom / SA-1Rom Support
    (However, I hasn't check strictly.)
  • Interface like GPS / PIXI
    Has list.txt + objects dir + library dir
  • Asar only
    You can't use other assembler.
  • Available to insert objects over 256
  • Shared code syntax / feature
    This tool has "library" feature and label export syntax.
  • Search path feature
    This feature makes it easier to create directoryes for different projects.

How to use it

This tool is CUI application. So, you are required to operate the command line.

The easy way to use is shown below.

Make batch file

  1. Open any text editor.
  2. Enter these.
    @echo off
    set prog=unko
    set option=
    if not '%1' == '' goto execute
    echo File isn't specified...

    cd "%~dp1"
    "%~dp0%prog%" %option% "%~nx1"
    if %ERRORLEVEL% neq 0 pause
  3. Save as bat file. (e.g. "insert.bat")
  4. Move it to the same directory as unko.exe

And drop the ROM file on batch file.

If you want to specify some options, edit line 3 of this batch file.
(e.g. option=-D DEBUG -l list2.txt)


-l (--list)

Specify the object list file name.
default is list.txt

-L (--library)

Specify the libraries directory name.
default is libraries

-o (--object)

Specify the objects directory name.
default is objects

-D (--define)

Add define for object assemble.
e.g. -D DEBUG / -D TestVal=3

Specified values can be referenced from the object asm.
(!DEBUG = 1 / !TestVal = 3)

Asar doesn't have "ifndef" like syntax(maybe). So it can't used effectively.

-u (--uninstall)

Uninstall all of data about UNKO from ROM file.

-d (--debug)

Enable to output debug info.

-v (--version)

Show program version info.

-? (--help)

Show program usage info.